Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My Etsy is Live!

Hi Guys! Just spent way more time than I'm willing to admit to get my shop going. Check it out!

Coming Soon to Etsy!

Last night I spent hours working on setting up my Etsy shop (akmo.etsy.com). I am getting closer to being able to offer printables for your home as well as printable cards.

Here's an example of what you'll find in my shop!
The premise of my shop will work as such: 
Hopefully you will find something in my store that you cannot live with out, so you buy it. 24 hours or less later, I will email you your order as a PDF file, complete with printing instructions. Then, you can print on whatever media you wish, and frame/hang as you wish as well.  
The fact that I will not be shipping or printing the orders means that I can list my items for significantly less. This also gives you the option to print out 72 of them if you really love them that much. (I hope you do!) 

I'm shooting for posting all my items this week or early next week, depending on how events work out. :) I'm always open to custom work, and will eventually have a listing up for that, but you can always send me a message and I'll be happy to accommodate.

I'll be back to announce the opening!! :)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

DIY Christmas Gifts

Since the holidays are over, I can now post pictures of our DIY Christmas project from this year! This summer, my wonderfully talented friend Mallory took engagement pictures for us and everyone is still raving over them (us included). I slacked, and didn't get copies made for a long time. Finally, Christmastime came, and I knew the perfect idea for our parents and grandparents! DIY Picture frames with our engagement picture inside! We bought the unfinished frames from Oh My Crafts! and decorated them to suit each intended. We also made one for my sister, but didn't add a picture of us so she could use a picture of her and her boyfriend instead.

for michael's mom & dad,

my mom & dad,

michael's granny & grandpa,

my grandma & grandpa,

& for my sister.


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